Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 14: Heading into Stage IV

MONDAY,  (FAST DAY 14 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 336 hours)
5:22am 121.4lb

9:00am coffee enema: coffee + 12dropsH2O2 + 1tbspPotassium; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL + 5dropsEucalyptus + 2dropsCloveoil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 121.0lb to 121.8b; SEVERAL long worms + black psyllium/charcoal blob!photo & video;
3:45pm Day 15 begins! Body odor increases = die-off is occurring

• After today’s enema: boxing energy and chin up strength (I did 5!)
• The sequence is (a) body odor & spasms followed by (b) greater release of worms the next day.
• I expect that the volume of worms released in the next few days will increase as I head into Stage IV
• It’s slow, but I can feel the eyes (particularly the left peripheral) improving a bit each day.
What I’m doing appears to be working. Primarily, however, I believe the fast is the primary factor for the expelling of the worms. I am also doing
• coffee enemas
• wormwood + neem
• black seed oil
but again, I think the deprivation of food and the advanced healing and detoxification modality set in motion by the 14-day fast are what is responsible for the weakening and release of the worms.
• facial symmetry is getting better

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