Parasite Fast 2022

Day 15: The Blob. This is what is aging me

3:00am 121.0lb
5:00am 120.8lb
5:10am 3tbsp castor oil in with lemon juice + 1 capsule of frozen castor oil
5:40am 1cup hot water
6:00am 2cups warm water
6:20am 2cups warm water
120.8l before castor oil/water -> 122.4 to 120.4lb!! (2lbs
1:11-1:25 coffee enema: coffee + 12dropsH2O2 + 1=2tbspPotassium; preceded by 10dropsBIONATAL (forgot the clove oil and eucalyptus oil) + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 120.4lb to 120.4lb.8b; SEVERAL long worms + black psyllium/charcoal blob!photo & video;120.4 to 120.4lb; first time that beginning weight = end weight
3:30-4:00pm MMSInsideOut; 119.6 to 118.8/119.0; jelly worms
8:17pm 117.2lb
9:25pm lemonade + 1neem + 1wormwod + 2Mimosa
11:01pm 1tsp BIONATAL + honey + ACV

• Eyes–particularly the left one–were easier to open this morning at 3:00am.

• fresh smelling underarm
• even lighter step
• pain in fingers only in right hand; primarily middle finger

EVENING OBSERVATIONS (first 8 hours of Day 16)
• Head is definitely clearer.
• Tongue is wider and pinker.
• Body feels and steps lighter.
But I can still feel a little toxicity in the eyes. Progress has DEFINITELY BEEN MADE!

It’s true that when I did the first worm-targeted fast back at RJ Apartments, that I was still releasing worms (clay, psyllium, charcoal + hot water) up to days 15, 16 and 17. However, I believe (and hope) this time is different because the energy level is much higher this time. Back then, I was really drained and drawn. This time, I have boxing energy and chin-up strength!

I imagine that everything that came out today would eventually have made its way out of my system even without the castor oil. However, I fully believe that it would have taken at least 5 days for that to happen. I believe I’ve leap frogged at least 5 days (release-wise) back through the time tunnel.

At the same time, it makes me more concerned about the absolutely necessity and success of maintaining the gain and making sure that the worms do no re-colonize once the tract is emptied and once I resume eating.

• This is what was aging me.
• This is what was blocking my colon.
• This is why the food was not being digested properly and formed normally as stool.
• This is what was causing the body odor (none since!)

• Since the castor oil activates peristalsis in the small intestine, I surmise that the blob was from that tract, which would be good because that section has likely been overlooked for a long time. I suspect that the weakened worms were more easily detached and shed because of the 15-day deprivation of food.

• I predict there will be at least 1-2 similar massive, cleansing releases in the next several days.

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