Parasite Fast 2022

Day 17: The Blob Returns

THURSDAY,  (FAST DAY 17 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 408 hours)
3:40am 119.0lb
5:09am castor oil in
5:45am 1cup hot water
6:05am 2cups warm water
6:25am 2cups warm water
8:40am release: 121.2lb to 120.0lb
10:55am 119.8lb
12:40 coffee enema: coffee + 10dropsH2O2 ; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL, 2clove oil and 5eucalyptus oil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 120lb to 120.0lb; more bloblike stuff; photo & video

• As predicted, another major release!
• felt very light-footed all morning
• Zero thirst for the lemonade!
• Minimal desire to crunch on chips (without swallowing)

• The castor oil–taken orally-induces contractions of the small intestine; taken rectally, it appears to induce contractions in the lower colon; that was likely the intent of the Gerson therapy instructions to follow the 5:00am morning castor oil, with a 10:00am coffee enema with castor oil. This time I used an amount more in alignment with Gerson instructions and the results were amazing–it contained smaller blob that was likely a carry-over from the morning release that was “stuck” in the lower colon.

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