Parasite Fast 2022

Day 18: I felt it in the transverse colon!

FRIDAY (FAST DAY 18 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 432 hours)
• 1 cup of water every hour starting at 11:00am 11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6: 8x 8oz = 64oz
4:50am 117.8lb

10:00am 116.8lb

10:10am coffee enema: coffee + 10dropsH2O2 ; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL (2clove oil and 5eucalyptus oil) + castor oil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 116.8lb to 117.0lb; more bloblike stuff; photo & video

6:14pm 118.8lb

6:15-6:45pm MMSInsideOut; 22min then 22min in bed;

• Eyes do, in fact, look a little whiter
• Felt some thumping in various muscles in the legs and arms. (worms agitated)
• Spasms during the day and night even while simply resting (worms agitated)
• body odor more noticeable, but disappeared later in the day


• This was the first time I felt the coffee trickling across the transverse colon; further indication that the passageway is cleaner
• It makes sense that the craving for sugar (in the form of maple syrup lemonade) dropped to zero after the blob expulsion. I’ve done only water these past two days and am likely to continue unless I decide to go back to the psyllium husk experiment.

• The extra water will help with the cleansing; and likely body odor

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