Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 2: Let the journey….continue!

3:59am 124.4lb

5:41am 124.0lb

7:40am coffee + neem + eucalyptus leaves + 12drops H2O2; preceded by 10 drops BIONATAL black seed oil + moringa + wheatgrass

8:15am 1tsp BIONATAL in hot lemonade

4-6pm sit on the beach

7:21pm 124.4lb after 51 hours

7:21pm 1tsp BIONATAL in hot lemonade

Hairline was filling in before the fast, so it seems the black seed was slowly working to reduce the pathogen load. Now, with the caloric restriction depriving the worms of food and weakening them, the black seed should be even more effective. I’ve already noticed the usual facial symmetry, the strong morning erections, the quick drop in weight from 133 to 124 (9lbs), the eye clarity. Hopefully, these improvements will take hold and be more lasting when I break the fast.

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