Parasite Fast 2022

Day 20: Once and for All!

“Once and for all!” That’s the mantra that is helping me steel my resolve to see this latest parasite fast through to its desired outcomes.

After dealing with this issue for several years, I am–to quote an oft-used phrase–“sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

On the positive side, I absolutely know I am making progress in the right direction. After 20 days, my energy level is high, my face is not as drawn as it was at similar points in previous fasts. The nature and amount of stuff that is released with each deep enema is encouraging; the volume is less and the color is lightening. The release of “the blob” a few days ago was a major milestone and turning point.

The challenge, however, is that I’m scheduled to give a three-hour presentation in exactly 6 days. I can definitely function well in terms of energy and mental acuity, but I’m concerned that I may simply look way too skinny! Hear me out. My usual weight is about 133lb. Now, as of this morning, it is 118.8lb and has been as low as 117.0lb. I know it’s vanity, but I’d like to appear fit and healthy for the event. However,  if I continue the fast, then by the morning of the event I’ll have fasted 26 days–just shy of 30 days, which would be a new record for me, AND might just be what I need to really fix this issue.

I could end the fast tomorrow (Day 21) and use the next 5 days to transition and build up my weight and appearance, or keep going in the interest of what I hope will be deeper levels of healing and more thorough cleaning…once and for all!

I’ll let you know that I decide.

p.s. Speaking of “once and for all,” I wrote a life rhyme about it. Wanna read it? Here it goes!


ONCE AND FOR ALL (Life Rhyme #500!)

Once and for all I’ve reached the goal
for which I’ve always striven
I’ve cracked the code and walk the path
with those who too are driven

Once and for all I’ve blocked their troops
from seizing more terrain
The landscape is now free and clear
I’m rid now of life’s bane

Once and for all I got it done
crossed off the list for good
Now on to bigger, better things
I’ve always wished I could

Once and for all I’ve hit the mark
the bullseye has been breached
With steady hand, and aim quite sure
there’s more now within reach

Once and for all I proved a point
the point I came to make
That norms are powerless to bind
and molds are made to break

Once and for all let’s get ‘er done
a brand new you awaits
Once you resolve to stay the course
through dim and dire straits

Once and for all now shackle-free
of rules I came to flout
My purpose found, my mission met
that’s what life’s all about

So once, and for all who’ve labored long
I’ll share this truth I’ve learned
That victory belongs to those
who strive until it’s earned


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