Parasite Fast 2022

Day 21 of Parasite Fast. Update: Within minutes, I tell you!

Day 21 began at 3:45pm (480 hours). Within less than two hours afterwards, a newsense of well-being descended upon me!

Perhaps it took a while for the effects of the two releases of earlier that day to propagate throughout my system. However, it’s important to note that, according to the Stages of Fasting infographic: “After day 20, there is heightened mental clarity and emotional balance and memory and concentation improve.”

I then went to bed.

During the night, I had frequent trips to urinate. It’s obvious that the body was ridding itself of something. It was clear in color and the strength of the stream appeared to be a little stronger.

I woke at 3:00am. My eyes were much easier to open! I checked my email, then went back to bed.

I rose again at 5:02am at 117.0lbs! There’s body odor, which indicates there is worm die-off.  More to come!

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