Parasite Fast 2022

Day 26: The Big Question Remains

It’s now day 26. I just passed another huge blob. Nothing but good is resulting. I can see it in my eyes. I can feel it in my energy level and the lightness of my step. I can see it in the glow in the skin. However, even with the verifiable progress; even with the hundreds of worms now dissolving in the sewers rather than in proliferating in my bowels, a single question still remains. It is a question that has haunted me since day one. As I approach what will likely be day thirty of my parasite fast, that question will likely remain. That question is: Will it be enough?

Will it be enough? Phrased a different way: Will (can) the pathogen load be eliminated? If not, can it be reduced sufficiently such that the body’s natural defenses can keep the worms at bay? Can I prevent any dormant worms or unhatched eggs from simply sparking a re-proliferation within my system? Will it be enough? That’s the big question. Unfortunately, only time will tell me the answer. Stay tuned.

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