Parasite Fast 2022

Day 28: Listening to My Body

Day 27 is coming to a close in about six hours. That will be 624 hours without solid food! Over the past three days, however, I’ve been thinking more and more about breaking the fast because of certain messages my body has been sending.

(c) First, the tongue has been a healthy pink upon waking.

(b) The “empty morning feeling” has been getting more pronounced and undeniably there. Whether that is actually “the return of hunger” as taught by Shelton is still up for debate in my mind.

(c) I’ve definitely been having dreams about eating food (in the context of other products of my subconscious mind’s activity). I once read that dreams of food is definitely a sign of the body’s messaging. Additionally, I can remember the contexts of the dreams long after I’m awake.

However, the latest, and perhaps most compelling sign is the fact that my hair and fingernals seem to be receding. After weeks of seeming to be growing, the nails (more noticeably on the left hand) are definitely less than before. It could simply be to them tearing during activities (like the workshop I did yesterday), but combined with the hairline changes, I’m inclined to think that the body is shifting into a new mode akin to a “conservation of resources.”

Now, at the same time, my energy level is extremely high! I just did a 3+ hour workshop standing up, no breaks, and no tiredness afterwards. We’ll see.

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