Parasite Fast 2022

Day 29: My 2 Options for tomorrow

In about three and a half hours, I will be easing into Day 30 of my parasite fast. Twenty-four hours after that, I will be ending that monumental day and will allow myself a few seconds to enjoy the personal triumph and to prepare a brand new entry to insert into the story of me!

But what then? Normally, to mark the end of a fast, I would drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as a way to jumpstart the digestive system. However, even if I were to break this fast, I’ve decided that this time around I’ll take a different approach and break it with a more greens-based broth of some sort so that I don’t start feeding any lingering worms with fruit sugars. However, even before then, I have a more important big decision to make. Here are my two options:

OPTION 1: Keep going! There are quite a few reasons I might simply keep fasting. (a) There’s still solid stuff being released, so I know there’s more inside. If there is indeed more elimination to be done, I must take advantage of this Stage 5 level of healing power that I have now accessed. To give that up now and go back to “zero” after having gone 30 days “into the past” would be a missed opportunity. (b) I feel like I should experience at least a day or two fully in Stage 5. Why? Just so that I can say I did. Again, it would be a shame to come this far and stop just at the transition point.

OPTION 2: Start the liquid-only transition. Another option is to break the fast with the cleansing, nutritive broths (still no solids) for the six-day transition that is advised (1 day transition for every 5 days of fast). In that way, I might still be able to avail the benefits of no digestion rest while still providing nutrition. However, I’m not even sure if that’s a thing. In other words, it is possible that the tremendous releases and healing I’ve experienced are due not only to the absence of solid food to digest, but also the absence of nutrition to assimilate. Consequently, I would be giving that up by starting the broths.

You can probably predict what I’m likely to do. So can I, but I’ll let you know definitely in a little over 24 hours from now! Stay tuned.


3:38am 119.6lb

5:02 castor oil in

5:42 1cup hot water

6:00am 2cups warm water

6:22am 2cups warm water

6:50-7am 3 releases:
121.2lb to 120.4lb (0.8lb) then to 120.2 then to 119.6lb!

7:47am another release: to 119.0lb

8:20am another release: to 118.6lb; liquidy mush

9:45am Epsom salt bath: half hour; to 118.0lb to 117.6lb

11:32am 116.8lb

6:00pm coffee enema: coffee + 10dropsH2O2 + 1tbspPOTASSIUM (preceded by fleet enema with castor oil + 5dropsEucalyptus + 3dropsCloveOil + 1capsuleWormwood + 1capsulePaud’arco + 5dropsPUMPKINSEED OIL) 118.4 to 120.8lb to 118.2lb

• eyes were definitely easier to open
• whites of eyes do look whiter and not as glassy
• body smells great!
• not any noticeable thumping today during the bath

• the urge to crunch is definitely less after Day 29 castor oil flush

As far back as 2012 when I went to Jamaica, I had the issue of the body odor when not eating. Additionally, my first colonic (2006?) with Doinette revealed worms in the release bucket. So, while the worms individually may be the descendants of an earlier generation, the colony itself appears to have been ongoing since for many years, possibly as far back as 2006! If that’s the case, then what I have achieved by eliminating the source of the body odor (worm die-off) through a 30-day fast and purge, is very significant–and could offer a somewhat plausible explanation as to why there is still stuff coming out after 30 days of nothing going in!

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