Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 32: Castor oil flush

FRIDAY, (FAST DAY 32 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 768 hours)
3:52am 121.2lb
5:10am castor oil and lemon; 2tbsp plus 1 frozen capsule
5:45am 1cup hot water
6:03am 2cups warm water
6:22am 2cups warm water
7:00am first release; log-like solid; 123.0lb to 122.8lb
hot lemonade
9:06am release to 122.8lb
9:25am release to 121.8lb (1lb)
11:51am BM 121.2 to 120.6lb
3:00pm coffee enema: Kirkland coffee; preceded by castor oil + wormwood + 12dropsBIONATAL + 2dropsCloveOil; 120.8lb back down to 121.0lb;

• There’s been no body odor for the past 3 days. There has been no discernible thumping over that same period. I believe the two are related. I believe that when the worms thump, it is because they are agitated and dying off. This die-off causes the body odor. I feel confident concluding, therefore, that through this 30plus-day fast, that I have allowed the body to dissolve, digest, autolyze the worms in the tissues and that I have passed them in the many sludge-like enema releases that are still occuring.

• My waking weight has been hovering around 120lb over the past few days. This is unusual. It should be around 116.0lb. In search of a possible explanation, it is possible it is all the extra, extra lemonade I’ve been drinking. It could simply be water weight. I hear the sloshing around in my stomach, AND I wake up several times during the night to urinate. I hope it’s not a blockage of the small intestine or colon that is causing the retention. I’ll have to wait and see.

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