Parasite Fast 2022

Day 40 Assessment!

SUNDAY, (FAST DAY 41 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 984 hours)
6:00am 118.8lb
11:20am coffee enemap; 118.8lb to 121.2lb to 118.6lb
while not explicitly stated for the past several days, the coffee enema has consistently been: 1heaping tbsp SAWilson’s coffee + eucalyptus leaves + neems leaves + 12drops H2O2; preceded by a fleet enema bottle filled with about 2tbsp castor oil + 12drops black seed oil + 2-3drops clove oil + 5drops eucalyptus oil + 1capsuleWormwood; held for 12-15minutes; 3min on back, 6min on right side; 3 minutes on back and then left side to encourage movement back across transverse colon and descending colon.
5:00pm I slept for a few hours during the day and felt a surge of energy and woke up at about 5ish!
11:25pm coffee 119.6 to 119.6lb; all worms, but jelly worms and long thin worms. None of the fatter rope worms this time. No sludge, just worms.

Day 40 ended yesterday at 3:45pm. Here is a full accounting of how I feel, what I am experiencing, some speculation, predictions and conclusions:

• Creativity & Productivity are set to “11!”
Life rhymes, book/product ideas, petitions and site design projects are piling up faster than I can actually get to them!
(a) revamp of all products
(b) Parasite Fast manuscript
(c) Revitalade™ idea
(d) Release & update all my titles on as paperback & Nook editions

• Math Memory visitation
For no discernible reason, I’m recalling some mathematical constants and formulas (I’ll look them up now to see if I’m correct!)
(a) Avogadro’s number: 6.02 x 10(23)
(b) numerator portion of the quadratic equation: plus or minus SqRt b(2)-4ac
(c) mole (unit of measurment; can’t yet recall the number, but perhaps if I fast long enough, my entire science/mathematical education will come back to me

• Fit to breed!
My morning compass seeks true north (for several hours during the night) and hangs heavy during the day (no “shrinkage!”)

• Head shaking energy

• Boxing energy

• Singing energy

• Pull-up energy

• Improved mood & interpersonal interaction

• Eyes DO look a bit whiter and a little less glassy, but not yet bright white

• Thumping returned for a while, but seems to be disappearing again

• Body odor (though of a slightly different type) flared for a while

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