Parasite Fast 2022

Day 40 begins! Biblical?

It would be nice, convenient, potentially poetic and downright biblical if I were able to declare the worms eliminated and biome secured at the end of a fast of “forty days and forty nights!” (From the book of Genesis: “Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made.”)  Let’s hope my own version of a 40-day water deluge will wipe from the biome every living parasite therein!

What I can tell you is that at the end of Day 39 (this morning), as a result of the castor oil/hot water flush, I experienced the most massive, cleansing, perspective-shifting release to date (again, it’s all being photographed and filmed for who knows what ultimate purpose), and felt the lightest, most present, most liberated I’ve ever felt!

What I can add is that the follow-up coffee enema (the SAWilson’s coffee arrived at the post office just in time) produced a surprisingly light release with no worms, only white worm jelly. It’s now 7:00pm (3 hours and 15minutes into Day 40). I’ll be going to bed in a few hours and will report back tomorrow! Here is my journal from this morning

FRIDAY,  (FAST DAY 39 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 936 hours)
4:19am 118.4lb
Wow! After last night’s blob release, this morning is the lightest and weightless I’ve felt…ever! They eyes opened easier.
5:44am 118.0lb, then 1cup hot water
6:03am 2cups warm water
6:21am 2cups warm water
9:05am first release: 119.6 to 117.4 (2.2lbs!)
Wow! Another humongous release!
11:56am 116.8lb after errands
5:00pm coffee enema; worm jelly

That such volumes of sludge would still be within and still be emanating after 39 days of no food intake would surely have strained the bounds of credulity had I not personally experienced it and thus seen it with my own eyes. So, while it borders on the inexplicable, and though doubts arise as to what, if any, unknown forces and mechanisms may be at play in producing this seemingly never-ending proliferation of worms and their mire from within so small a physical frame as mine with its finite boundaries, I must hold steadfast to my conviction–based on the inarguable evidence of my own senses–that I am indeed getting better.
• my morning compass seeks true north with renewed strength
• my weight is, in fact, slowly going down (now at 118-119lb)
• my social disposition and inter-personal interaction is definitely improving
• my eyesight is getting even more acute (crossword puzzles)
• my eyes feel “cooler” on a day to day basis, and after each release

If, as is my fear to which I’ve alluded above, the colony is replenishing itself even as I seek to eliminate it, that fear does not seem to be supported by the unmistakable and overall improvement and feeling of wellbeing to which my own senses attest. At the same time, however, there is other evidence that suggests I’m definitely not finished:
• body odor returned and fluctuated these past few days
• thumping in lower legs returned these past few days
• thumping this morning in the chest

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