Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 7: The Worms Are Agitated!

MONDAY,  (FAST DAY 7 ENDS AT 3:45pm; 168 hours)
5:33am 121.0LB

7:10am 3/4cup epsom

9:10am 3/4cup epsom

11:00am 120.4lb

11:00am 1tsp BIONATAL with a tsp of honey; along with hot lemonade

5:43pm enema: coffee + neem leaves + eucalypus leaves + 12dropsH2O2 + 2tbspPotassium; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL + 2dropsCloveoil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 121.6lb to 122.0lb; release is clear; no worms; just a very small amount of jelly.

• Strong morning erection; unusual for 7 days into a fast; due to epsom clean
• Eyes were definitely leaking/cleaning out more than usual!
• Eyes seem a little whiter, but will wait and see!
• The epsom salt definitely cleaned out the digestive tract and colon.
• The release water was coming out virtually clear by 11:00am
• I believe I’ve avoided several days of solid, brown release (and the resultant toxicity of delayed release of the toxins) by doing the epsom salt flush at this point in the fast.
• Fingers are slim

• I still have a paunch, but the shape is definitely changing as the stomach empties
• I’m getting fluttering and thumping in (a) right sole, (b) left calf and have the pain in the left elbow that are all indications of worms in those areas(?).

• The “Once & For All” life rhyme title/concept comes to me at 5:45pm while I’m showering after the coffee enema
• “Dragons through the forest”: this urge to run my fingers through my hair and over my scalp has been more pronounced over these past few days typically after an enema

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