Parasite Fast 2022

What of those who never get to this place?

TUESDAY, (FAST DAY 43 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 1,032 hours)
1:15am follow up coffee enema later than usual; 117.8lb to 118.2lb

If my hypothesis is correct, and that certain levels and depths of healing are time-specific and cannot be accessed without the necessary investment of time, nor can they be achieved through artificial means, then the sludge that is being released might never have been released through normal elimination and bowel movements despite the body’s perfect functioning. It also stands to reason, therefore, that at 43 days of caloric restriction and deprivation, I am purging, perhaps years, decades, perhaps a lifetime of accumulation!

What of people who NEVER fast for even a day? What of them? What of those who have parasites, are not symptomatic (until later years), and are never able to access healing on this level?

I need to see what exists on the other side of this.

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