Parasite Fast 2022

Where is all this sludge coming from 22 days into a water fast????

I’ve personally experienced, and always shared with others that they shouldn’t be surprised 14 days into a water fast if they still experience solid bowel movements or foul smelling sludge being released with their enemas. So, this is occurrence is something I am indeed aware of.

However, I am now 22 days into my latest parasite fast and it’s frankly fascinating (i.e. astonishing) the amount of “sludge” being released with each coffee enema or castor oil flush. I remind you, I have not eaten any solid food in the past 22 days! Where is all this stuff coming from??? Let’s discuss.

Aside: I have not yet decided if I’ll share the photos and videos I’ve been taking of the sludge and worms in my toilet bowl each day (I may put them on a Patreon account or make them password-accessible or “by demand only.”) To me, those images represent a reason to celebrate. For others, it may be something much too gross for them to see on a public site. So, if you have any thoughts or the desire to see them, let me know and I’ll see what I can do (leave a comment). 

Now, back to the sludge. My first fear upon being confronted with the sheer volume was, “Oh, no! I hope the worms aren’t reproducing and creating this sludge faster than I am killing and removing them!” However, I don’t think that’s the case because (a) my energy levels, (b) peace of mind, (c) mental clarity and (d) visual acuity are all improving, and my weight and distended abdomen are, in fact, going down each day (some of the weight loss may be due to muscle mass depletion, of course). So, overall, my physical, emotional and mental states are noticeably improving, so the vermin are not reproducing faster. So, if that’s not the case, then again, where are they coming from???

Because my deep enemas are cleaning out the lower descending colon and quite possibly the transverse colon as well (i.e. the large intestine), I believe all this gunk is coming from the small intestines. Food travels from the stomach, then into the small intestine, and then up, across and down the large intestine on its way to the rectum and anus. For situational context, here is how the large intestine appears relative to the small. :

Now, the small intestine is about 22 feet long with lots of twists and turns and folds. I grabbed some images to explain:
That’s a significant length of “tubing” that could hold a lot of sludge.

Second, within the cross-section of the tubing (below), there are lots of nooks and crannies– villi and the spaces between them–which could hold even more worms and their sludge. I won’t attempt to calculate it, but the total surface area and hiding places are likely tremendous!

Additionally, when the worms are inside the body, they are likely compacted and tightly packed and only expand and appear larger when they die, combine with the psyllium husk I sometimes take, and/or hit the air and water on their way out and into the toilet bowl.

Therefore, when all that is taken into account, it may not be all that surprising that so much “stuff” is in there and coming out now!  Astonishing? Perhaps. Discouraging? No! This sort of thorough, comprehensive release and cleansing is precisely what I was hoping for! The goal of this or any other fast is to get the entire digestive and eliminative tract squeaky clean! That requires removing as much sludge as possible. After all, you can’t reboot your system if it’s not clean first.

Therefore, my job is simple: I must maintain the fast in order to take the body further into deeper levels of cleaning and healing so that even more of the sludge is shed, makes its way through the intestine, and eventually far enough down the descending colon to exit on its own, or, I can go in and pull it out with the help of the deep coffee enema!

More to come!

Addendum (a day later):

It also just occurred to me that the sludge may also be due in part to the worm die-off that is taking place in tissues and other organs of the body. This may be supported by (a) the increase in body odor over the past few days, (b) the reduction in the “thumping” in other parts of the body. After all, once the worms are autolyzed, they have to end up somewhere to be eliminated from the body.  Makes sense to me!

Licensed by attribution:

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